Algosport are proud to announce the launch of our ground breaking sports modelling software "Algosport Desktop" and the "Algosport Platform": The world's first model development environment dedicated to the modelling of sports for the betting industry



Product Benefits    

  • Establish a trading solutions team: at a fraction of the cost and time needed to develop a solution in-house

  • Lower operating costs: Algosport's automated model development process removes the reliance on hard to find quant developers

  • Higher productivity: produce models faster and optimise them at league level

  • Increased turnover: as a result of the increased product offering

  • Lower trading costs: feed driven models that will reduce trading costs

  • Respond to competition: by being able to create and instantly deploy markets

  • Higher margins: achieved through improved model accuracy

  • Related contingencies: take the bets that others won't

  • Personalised bet requests: offer these bets instantly for pre-event and in-play while your competitors rely on twitter

  • Reduce third party dependencies: your market offering will no longer be held back by the inertia of your B2B Supplier

Catch up and overtake your competitors with Algosport

Bring your trading solutions in house and regain control of your product!


Build New Models

Create Your Own Markets

Optimise Models Per League

Backtest Models

Deploy to Platform

Leigh Herdman, CEO

David Beacham, CTO